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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang travels the world

Chitty travels


Welcome to our Chitty Chitty Bang Bang website

Chitty is a replica car built on an old 1973 Landrover with inspiration taken from the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Our Story is very reflective of the film in so many ways, not because it was engineered but because it just happened to be like that.

We live in the English countryside, my wife fell in love with the romance of the film and in a random conversation she asked me if I could build her the car! And just maybe if I could, we would take our two children to the seaside for a picnic.

The car was truly built in the spirit of the film, as we really didn’t have any money to fund such a lavish project. So she was built from anything we could find starting with a series three Landrover saved from the scrap yard for £100. As four summers rolled by collecting second hand brass lamp stands for headlights and bits of bathroom cabinet the story took another turn, when a comment from someone who couldn’t see the vision said “It will never go you know”. With that we enthusiastically said “it would” and we would prove it by driving it somewhere far… for charity! After a long pause I said “Australia” – So we did!

We launched the car to a grand fanfare of celebrations and took a year out from work, rented our home and embarked on a grand adventure. Driving overland through Europe, Iran the Middle East, India and crossed the outback of Australia.

There was so much to tell, so we wrote a book called ‘Port Out Starboard Home’

It takes you on a journey through war zones mountains, desserts and endless possibilities, a real adventure; you just couldn’t make it up!

Now available on Amazon.

Promotional video from the Chitty stage show in Crewe UK