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Chitty travels

Our charities

Which charities?

The original idea was to support a local, a national and a worldwide charity. With this in mind Chitty needed a link and that was found in the film. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang started life as a pre-war racing car, and raced under the number of three. To complete the link, the chassis we have used for Chitty is from a series three landrover registered in 1973. The local charity is the Earl Mountbatten Hospice based in Newport on the Isle of Wight. Cancer research has been chosen as the national charity. The World Wildlife Fund for nature is the the global charity.

We also support the Joe Ellis Trust and the Sporting Bears Dream Ride for children.

All funds raised go directly to our charities, no admin fees, no expenses etc. We are extremely grateful to receive any donations at any level, personal donations are welcome as are corporate sponsorships. All funds go directly towards the three charities.

You can donate on a personal level by contacting us at for a donation welcome pack.
Corporate sponsorship can be tailored to your needs with various levels of input.