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Building a replica Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and driving it halfway round the world just because somebody said they couldn’t.


Carolyn Pointing asked her husband Nick to build her dream car, flippantly he said yes. Could he take a 1973 Landrover, a singer sewing machine, M&S brass lamp stands, a bathroom cabinet and recreate a kids movie icon. The sheer lack of being taken seriously sparked a defiant and outlandish claim to drive 20,000 thousand miles down under to prove them wrong.

The adventure through war zones, Turkish mountains and the Iranian desert was the most scary, emotional and insecure thing they had ever done. Concerns over quirky reliability, thirst for oil and a laughable budget really was overland to Australia on a wing and a prayer.



Port out Starboard Home paperback book.

Read the complete compelling story of building a replica Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and drive overland from the UK to Australia.