Blogging um!

So I have finally set up a blog on my website and even made a link from my facebook page! and yet I’m not really sure what its all about and how to enter the world of blogging! So I will just play it all by ear. I guess I want to share what happens in the world of Chitty and whats going on in the Garage. This I call the MPH garage! not because it has anything to do with Miles Per Hour but because at the age of sixteen riding around on 50cc mopeds Fizzy! (FS1E Yamaha) we were referred to by the local police as a right Motley crew!. This we adopted as a new name for our group of spotty teenage leather clad would be motorcyclists. Driving from cafe to cafe on wet winter days looking for something to do we dreamt of having a shed or garage to hang out in. This we imagined would be called the Motley Play Hut!  Well 30 years later I manged to finally afford one. Having a timber garage workshop thingy was probably one of the most important elements of building Chitty, so originally born out rotten timber and a load of old pallets grew the MPH Garage. Every thing built and dreamt and leading to grand adventures started here.